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Gun Safe Locks: Electronic vs. Mechanical

If you own firearms, you understand how important it is to keep those guns protected. A good gun safe combination lock is essential not only for protecting your guns and other objects by restricting access, but also for ensuring that your family is safe from any accidents that could happen if a gun is accidentally found and picked up by a child.

When you choose a gun safe from Champion Safe Co., you have a couple of options when it comes to the type of lock you get on your safe. All of our gun safes come with combination locks. The only difference between the locks is whether the combination must be entered into a keypad (on one of our electronic locks) or mechanically (by turning a dial).

You can go with the classic, key-operated mechanical locks that have stood the test of time, or you may want to consider one of the newer, electronic safe locks available today. Which type of gun safe lock is right for you? Here’s a closer look at both options to help you make a decision.

Mechanical Locks: Key Operated Combination Locks

You can use a mechanical dial lock in one of three ways:

    1. After opening the door with your combination, turn the combination dial back to zero. This resets the combination lock, requiring the combination be re-entered if you want to open the safe again. This method is the most secure way to use a mechanical lock.
    1. After opening the door, do not turn the combination dial back to zero. Instead, use the key to lock the dial in place so you can open the safe simply by turning the handle. This is helpful if you need to get into the safe constantly without leaving it sitting open.
  1. Lock the dial in place, but use the key to lock the handle. This allows anyone with the key to open the safe, which helps if you want to give someone access without sharing your combination. Of course, this means that anyone with a key can access the safe, which can be risky. However, except for this option, the key function does not increase the likelihood of someone gaining access to the safe. The key simply locks or unlocks the combination dial.

It is important, after you unlock the safe with your combination, to turn the dial past zero. That extra turn resets the combination unless you want to keep the key as the only safeguard on your firearms. If you turn the dial past zero after closing the safe and then use the key, you will need to use both the key and the combination in order to open the safe.  Champion Safe Co uses only the best mechanical locks from Sargent & Greenleaf. They build such secure locks that the US Treasury contracts with them.

The real risk that a safe owner has is in the construction of the safe itself. Thin metal safes are much easier to pry open and do not provide adequate protection against theft. That is why Champion Safe Co. uses thick plate steel, four-way active door bolts and a myriad of lock defenses to provide the pinnacle in safe security.

Mechanical locks are very durable, and with proper maintenance, they can last a lifetime.

Electronic Locks: Digital Combination Locks

Electronic gun safe locks have an internal circuit and a keypad that deal with the locking mechanism. Enter your numeric code via the keypad and, once the circuit verifies it, it fires the unlocking mechanism.

With an electronic lock, it’s easy to access the gun safe in just seconds. Once you’re done, close the safe’s door and the auto-relocking feature will lock it for you. No need to keep track of any keys, no need to remember to give the combination dial a turn. Just close the door and the electronic lock will handle everything else for you.

It’s also possible to have multiple combinations, and it’s easy to change the combinations to the lock. However, if you enter the wrong code multiple times, the system will lock you out. You must replace these locks about once a decade. While cheap electronic locks can cause problems, high-quality electronic locks from reputable companies rarely do. Champion Safe Co. uses electronic locks that are the best in the industry built by both LaGard and Sargent & Greenleaf.

Which Gun Safe Lock is the Best Choice?

Which gun safe lock is the right choice for you? It really all comes down to your personal preference.

Both types of gun safe locks are reliable, offering years of easy use.

Think about what features are essential for you. If you’re not sure which lock will work best for your needs, contact Champion Safe Co. today.