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Tips for Storing Your Guns Long-Term

Tips For Storing Your Guns Long-Term In case of an emergency, you always want to know that your gun is there and ready to protect you and your family. But you understand that in order to be there in that capacity, it must be maintained and kept safe from young or inexperienced hands — or those with less than noble intent. This balance between convenience [...]

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Do You Know What Will Not Burn In A House Fire?

Suffering a house fire is a devastating experience. Each year, $8.6 billion in property loss is estimated due to fires, according to FEMA. When the damage is severe, countless precious belongings are lost, depriving the owners of a portion of their lives. However in many cases, there are a select few items that can withstand the inferno. The average house [...]

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Best Place to Put a Gun Safe in a Home

Gun Safe Placement Figuring out the best place to put a gun safe in your home can be tricky. Gun safes help keep money, financial records, personal records, weapons and other valuables safe and away from the hands of children. But where should we place our gun safes inside of our homes? Great question! It brings about questions of safety and security. That is, where we [...]

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Ironclad Reasons To Buy A Gun Safe

Ironclad Reasons To Buy A Gun Safe Why Buy A Gun Safe? There are many great reasons to invest in a solid, secure gun safe. Continue reading to find out why you should invest in a gun safe. You might be really surprised by some of the important reasons for buying a gun safe that you might have overlooked. Don’t Let Thieves [...]

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Children and Gun Safety: Rules for Children – Jacksonville Safe

Gun Safety For Children Firearm Safety For Children Guns are present in almost half of American homes, and children as young as three possess the finger strength to pull a trigger!  These are important reasons why children should begin learning about gun safety. Even children in gun free homes, children may come into contact with guns through friends, neighbors, and relatives. [...]

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What to Keep in Your Safe

What To Keep In Your Champion Safe At Jacksonville Safe Company, we want to make sure you have protection for things that matter the most. Just like your life insurance policy, a high-quality fireproof gun safe can provide the protection for the things you love, or–at the very least–the essentials. But you may want to reconsider before you load your [...]

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