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Welcome To Jacksonville Safe Company

Jacksonville Safe Company began after Owner, Eric Farmer, was looking for a good quality safe at a decent price point for his commercial office furniture company, Systematic Facility Solutions. He was not only looking for a quality safe for his customer, but to also be educated about the product. Finally, after many months of researching, & making many calls to several manufacturers a safe was finally purchased. Due to this experience, Eric saw a need for a safe business in our area, to not only provide a product but educate the customers as well. With this base and, most important, putting customer service at the top of his priority list, Eric began Jacksonville Safe Company.

Who Is Jacksonville Safe Company

Our Mission is to provide top quality customer service in every aspect of your gun safe transaction and want to provide you with a gun safe that you will want to tell your friends and family where you bought it. We promise to be friendly and helpful from the welcome you receive when you walk through the door to the proper care and delivery of your new gun safe. At Jacksonville Safe Company we promise to listen to our customers and guide them in their individual needs. Finally, if you experience any issues with your gun safe, we will walk you through the steps of  how to correct those issues with the manufacturer if the need should arise.

Jacksonville Safe Company is a globally and locally responsible corporation that acknowledges and embraces its obligations to act responsibly, ethically and with integrity in working with its staff, customers, and community.  Most important, we conduct our business with the strictest ethical business practices.

Jacksonville Safe Company is committed to delivering the best quality gun safes for every customer on time and at an affordable price.  We know every homeowner is unique, so we partner with every customer to understand their specific needs and suggest a solution to optimize efficiency and cost.  Furthermore, we strive to consistently deliver exceptional customer satisfaction with friendly and reliable service at every step of the transaction.

Our Gun Safe Features

  • 120 Minutes @ 1,750°F

  • 110 Minutes @ 1,865°F

  • 90 Minutes @ 1,650°F

  • 75 Minutes @ 1,500°F

  • 60 Minutes @ 1,350°F

  • 45 Minutes @ 1,325°F

  • File Holders

  • Pistol Pockets

  • Custom Embroidery

  • Knife Holders

  • Key Holders

  • Two-Tone Sued Accents

  • Inner Door Steel

  • Hardplate Lock Protection

  • Relockers

  • Lock Pressure Relievers

  • Clutch Drive System

  • Gun Safe Locks