Best Place to Put a Gun Safe in a Home

//Best Place to Put a Gun Safe in a Home

Gun Safe Placement

Champion gun safeFiguring out the best place to put a gun safe in your home can be tricky. Gun safes help keep money, financial records, personal records, weapons and other valuables safe and away from the hands of children. But where should we place our gun safes inside of our homes? Great question! It brings about questions of safety and security. That is, where we place the gun safe has a major influence on the amount of security it offers. There isn’t one ideal place for us to place our gun safes, yet it is imperative that we account for many different factors to determine what is likely to be the best location. Some factors we should take into consideration include possible fires, water damage, and burglary.

Where To Put Your Gun Safe To Avoid Fire Damage

First, let’s take a look at hazards associated with fires. We need to keep our gun safes away from any potential source of fire. This means we should not place our gun safes close to fireplaces and the kitchen. In terms of our kitchens, if a room opens to the kitchen or is located above the kitchen, it is at risk. It is also at risk if it is placed below the kitchen, because of firefighting water damage as well as the possibility of the kitchen collapsing in extreme fires.

Garages are also less than ideal locations to place gun safes. Why? Because they could have fuels close by. Lawnmowers, paint thinners, chemicals, and lumber are typically placed inside garages. All of these items are flammable or contain chemicals that are flammable.

The safest location in a severe fire would be an area that contains concrete slab. Another location that is safe from fires would be the first-floor of a home, above a crawl space.

If the first floor of your home is above the basement, the best overall location to keep your gun safe secure from fires is away from the kitchen and away from other sources of fires.

Where To Put Your Gun Safe To Avoid Water/Humidity Damage

Water and humidity can definitely wreak havoc on our gun safes and our guns. In fact, the humidity of the room where we’ve placed our gun safe will be similar to the humidity inside of the safe. Typically, the basement is one of the best locations for our gun safes since we can secure the gun safes to the concrete slab floor. However, it’s also important that we make sure that our basement isn’t too humid. We can use a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity and prevent any damage to our guns and gun safes.

It is also important to understand that if our basements are in a flood zone, the basement may not necessarily be the best location for our gun safes. Instead, it would make more sense to place our gun safes on the first floor, but not much higher, especially if our gun safe weighs more than 1000 pounds because the floor could potentially not be able to support the load weight.

Where To Put Your Gun Safe To Avoid Burglary

It’s vital that we place our gun safes in locations where they’re least likely to be stolen or damaged by burglars. Where do burglars typically go to when they attempt a burglary? They typically go to the living room and master bedroom, followed by the office and garage. They also tend to search in the living room where people gather around and any area that is visible from the front or back door.

Another area of the house that they target with ease is the garage. People can see the contents of our garage every time we open it to park or to leave. Garage doors are also pretty darn easy to open. A thief can also use a car and a tow strap to yank away a gun safe. It’s best to avoid placing our gun safes in the garage, but if there is no other choice, it’s a good practice to bolt it to the floor and build a closet around it. Although the gun safe can be placed inside a bedroom closet, the best place is once again the basement. They are generally ignored by thieves and tough to steal because the thief would have to drag the gun safe up some stairs.

If you still feel uncertain about where to place your gun safe, do not hesitate to contact a Jacksonville Safe representative.

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